Arena tips

Arena Battle tips
  1. BUFFS
  2. Dont die
  3. enemy yells
  4. Focus Fire
  5. LOS in arena
Addon tips
  1. Arena live frames
  2. Arena master
1. BUFFS Arena Battle
Try to use as many buffs as possible [for ex. shaman cast water breathing on all] that makes your opponent lose more time purging/cleansing you or the mage will spellsteal a spell he didnt wanted to steal aka Have fun swimming my little mage friend ;]
2. Dont die Arena Battle
Dont die
3. enemy yells Arena Battle
If the enemy YELLS in the beginning you can always Shift-Click on the name. If they allies on your server you will be ABLE to SEE what class they are. It\'s there kind of unessesery to yell in the beginning!
4. Focus Fire Arena Battle
Focus Fire is VERY important, especially in 5v5. Make sure that everyone is working on focus firing only one person. Usually, FFing the healer is the best way to go, but sometimes it may be a little hard, esp if the healer is a Paladin (Since they can bubble). If this is the case, you can FF a pally, but have a priest ready to mass dispel the Pallies bubble(Note, Mass Dispel can be improved to be a 0.5second cast in the Discipline Tree). Be wary of Discipline Priests in Arenas... Pain Suppression is quite effective, and Disc Priests can be used as a distraction while the rest of the team works on taking down your healer. Coming from a Disc Priest, I can survive a 1500 rated 5v5 team, all Focus Firing me for a good 10 seconds, 10 seconds is enough time to take down 1-2 of the enemy team.
5. LOS in arena Arena Battle
When ur fighting in arena as a healer. Its good to use the pillars. Just move behind a pillar, walk back and heal, move behind the pillar again
1. Arena live frames Addon
Arena live frames Shows ur opponents in a small box. This mod also shows on which enemy ur party members are focus. U can click on the names to focus that enemy.
2. Arena master Addon
Arena master This addons shows ur opponents in a box. The names are clickable. Some customization is possible.
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